Monday, 4 June 2012

the last word on jubilees for queens

Here's  a few ideas on all the blah-blah in the UK over the
royal family vs. UK republicans

[surprisingly life-like. Madame Tussaud's]

Royalists have the upper hand. They use stupid arguments,
but they get all  the attention.

Having a president in place of the queen is not an issue.
It's royals, or not.
We can figure out the rest, later.

She’s a figurehead who waves.
And people imply from this that she is dutiful.
They imply character from that wave. Sounds stupid to me.

Republicanism is failing because either they’re idiots
or they don’t care enough to put forth a consistent, attractive option.
They just seem to climb out of their cupboards
every 25 years or so.

Protesting the queen is stupid. Why ruin a good party?
Making fun of the queen and Charles is the right thing.

The royals are quite obviously inbred. When they speak at events,
their mental flabbiness is there for all to see. Did you listen to
Chuck talking about his mother?

-"they bring in the tourists and in case you haven't noticed we need tourists and their cash" from Guardian letters

The queen got the idea for a flotilla from the Sex Pistol, who in 1977
went on the Thames to play because they had been banned from
every venue on land:
original footage of the flotilla (crappy sound):

flotilla at 5:00-

royalty is a point of reference for the continuation of culture.
The question is how long will this anachronism reflect that for enough people?
 I think there are enough idiots in the UK to keep the parade going forever.

ditch prince Philip. Scrounging Greek King Papadopoulos is a  foot-in-mouther and an embarrassment

bunting is not embarrasing. The word itself sounds funny. Say it quickly and loudly in a room
and people will think you're talking about booties or booty calls.or , in Manchester,
that you're talking about butties, or sandwiches.
Even though it’s just an excuse for a party, and I’ll bet no more than 1% of them will ever even play God Save the Queen (ironic for an atheist country), let alone sing it, at attention. Still to avoid embarrassment, I’d get drunk, and enjoy, perhaps getting laid by a gal in plastic tiara.

just take the two extra days off and shut up. It's bad enough that the UK has bank holidays, so that lowly workers don’t even get holiday pay. That stinks. If the UK was more royal and religious, working on holidays would pay handsomely.

The anthem of the UK is "God Save the Queen", earily similar to the
Sex Pistol's tune. Wow. Who knew?
Anyway, the anthem is only about the queen, and for the queen.
I suppose her extended family and assorted courtiers
and sycophants won't mind. What about the rest of them?
What about an anthem for the other 61 million Brits? Is
queenie so important that they equate national pride with the queen?
That's truly medieval. On the bright side, it is a sign of culture.