Thursday, 7 June 2012

installation artists don't do real art, cuz they can't

When the new boys roll in, they kick the piss out of the old order.
Well, now the new order is finally receiving it's kicks.

I always thought that Damien Hirst was the cash end of the movement
who always knew what easy stuff would get him millions. That's fine
but then art critics, who feel the need to kiss the ass of those on
the ascendant, tried to legitimise last weeks garbage when it
showed up as an installation. So, they tried to insult our intelligence
by telling us why Tracey Emin's panty liner was art.

Otherwise, I'm in favour of making money for nothing. I hope to
do so myself. It's the attitude that goes with it that makes me think
"I gotta take these f%^&^kers down a rung or two"
My wish has come true.

IshitUnot: 2 texts
From above- Quite possibly, for this is the age where everything is not just of itself but about itself. We are all meta now, darlings! Thus it's possible to walk around the Hirst exhibition and pinpoint precisely the stage when the art goes from being about the big concepts (life-and-death kind of stuff) to being about art or the art market itself. This may work for some as a huge conceptual joke (mega meta), though not a new one. And it's interesting that Hirst himself as well as his critics are again asking the quaint question of whether he can actually paint.

Guardian 23 May
Jonathan Jones Review of Two Weeks One Summer- White Cube.

a message to Damien Hirst: stop now, you have become a disgrace to your generation

Seriously, Mr Hirst- I am talking to you. ...stop now. Shut up the shed. I say this as a long-time admirer, not an enemy. [this reveals the art critics own embarrassment at kissing DH's ass- Cos67]

BUT these paintings are abominations unto the lord or Art. ...Each of these paintings.. takes on the difficulties of repsentational painting and visibly fails to come close, not merely to mastery, but to baic competence