Thursday, 21 June 2012

No more Afghan stogeys

It's sad to remember that between all the invading arm periods
in Afghanistan's history:

The Greeks of Alexander the Gr
the Brits
The Russkies
The US, Brits, Poles and assorted Keystone Units

it was possible to go there for some of the best smokeable hallucinogens
in the world. It was the Hippy Trail to Kabul, through the Khyber pass,
which is, itself, very high. And the locals used to love infidels dropping in.

IshitUnot: Independent 
6 jn 2012
Former Doctor feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson slipped in a caustic comment about the use of drones in Afghanistan....Wilko followed the hippy trail through Afghannistan and India in the 1970s. On stage ...he remarked “we were dirty hippies and stoned most of the time- but we never massacred any wedding parties! I think it will be a long time before an Englishman can go through Afghanistan again and get stoned with the locals.”