Friday, 8 June 2012

wars are just part of nature

Ever wondered why you cannot stop wars.
You protest, you march, you write letters to politicians,
and still, blood is spilt in your name.
Let's start working on this, and try to make it stop, with
the Internet on our side, that is, until they shut it off.

It's a force of nature.
The first problem is that we are part of the animal kingdom,
adn that kingdom is worse that Saudi, even. It's got violence
going on at every level.
The fact that we don't see it means that we are too insulated.
That is, until you go to a beef processing plant. It's now illegal
for people in the US to report on such things, because it's
bad for business, AND because laws are being broken,
due to a lack of regulatory oversight.

It's that same lack of oversight that allows humans
to do what they do best. Killing other humans.

"Now is the season,
for war for no reason. 
My idea of fun,
 is killing everyone." 
The Stooges 

believe it or not, this was a Vietnam protest song, like
much of the Stooges list. They don't put flowers in
guns. They threaten to kick ass!