Monday, 27 August 2012

I guess they kissed and made up

I knew that Wikileaks would eventually spit out
some damning proof, like I wrote yesterd.

Is this a picture of Assange and his "victim A" , 2 days
after the event?
[Daily Mail]

This can be interpreted many ways. On the surface, it looks like
the gal was later manipulated into charging Assange,
or, she decided to blackmail Assange
or, that Assange set the whole thing up to promote himself as
a Jesus figure, and to highlight the "democracy" that we have.
This last one is far-fetched but his lawyers have not explained
how somebody who has not been charged can be put
under internal exile, and then exported to a place that
cooperates immorally with US policies.

Imagine, then. Assange would have to be a dynamo to have
bagged one happy customer, and then went on to rape
another, during a short trip. He doesn't seem like a lothario.
we'll see. Maybe Sweden needed a second voice to make
sure the inuendo sticks.