Thursday, 30 August 2012

SCARPE diem, part 6: spitting up gold teeth

News has come to us from scarpe diem countries
Portugal and Italy about people reaching into their
oral cavities to pull up their molar investments,
i.e. their gold teeth, in order to keep themselves
in food.

It's been so long since gold was used, I guess
most of these people are old folks whose
pensions are not enough.

At least there's no government violence yet.
People are doing this to themselves. Of course,
somebody is responsible for their economic malaise.

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28,000 “Cash For Gold” Outlets in Italy as Serfs are Forced to Sell
Posted on August 28, 2012
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how the Portuguese citizenry was being forced to sell its gold in order to eat.  It seems that the Italians have now joined this illustrious club.  I mean what do you expect when you allow Goldman Sachs to impose technocrat dictator Mario “Three Card” Monti as your political leader?  Here are some excerpts from an article in The Globe and Mail:
Times are now so tough that Valerio Novelli, a ticket inspector on Rome’s buses, is planning to sell his old gold teeth.
“I can’t get to the end of the month without running up debts,” said Mr. Novelli, 56, who has to support an ex-wife and daughter. “I know I won’t get much, but I need the money.”
In a country suffering from economic crisis, buying gold off desperate people has become one of the few boom industries....