Sunday, 26 August 2012

sex and the dandy


WikiLeaks @wikileaks
Any article that talks about Assange 
but does not mention that he has 
NOT BEEN CHARGED, is a fraud, 
as is the journalist who wrote it.

We've got a dandy over here, and I'm serious, he's a dandy.
Look it up. Dresses great, big ego, but he also has,
USUALLY, a good political brain and sometimes,
he's the only British politician who kicks up a fuss
when sh*t gets really stupid here, which is regularly.

He stood up to Tony Blair over Iraq. He was even
dragged to the US Congress to explain his treasonous
behaviour , and George kicked them around the room.
And that's even though he got "too close to Sadam."

I often wonder, when listening to him, how he hasn't
managed to consume himself, with his ego. But, I'm
proud to say I lived on his Turf, Bethnal and Bow
when he was still the Labour member for that burg.

He's also sides with the Palestinian cause in a brave
manner. And that's partly why he got elected there,
for Labour, and for the Respect party, and for Respect
in a northern city, Bradford, with a high percentage
of immigrants.

I thought his going on Big Brother was stupid, but he
tried to use it as a political soap box, not party politics,
but righteousness, while talking to his
erstwhile roommates, and the channel silenced him.

[this is not him being cut off, but getting guff from idiots.
before you go nuts, BB made people dress up in leotards]

Now, he kinda stepped on a cow pie, laid by the
gov-run Assange side-show.

All sensible people know that Sweden doesn't have the
balls to charge Assange, and yet, he's in internal exile,
in limbo, purgatory. Some well-meaning people, mostly gals,
think Assange should answer the "charges" of rape.
WHAT CHARGES? he hasn't been charged.
So, it's political, right?

Okay, George weighed in on the definition of rape, and I'll
try to explain why, seeing as he's a dandy, and needs a

George Galloway believes that Assange 
having bedded these women on 
successive days
(he's a god, unless they're fat chicks)
and as I understood it from Radio 4, 
he tried to get a bit of "breakfast in bed", in the morn
with one. 
And the "difference of opinion amongst naked people"
is the basis of the extra-judicial MSM sexual inuendo.
So, ya, women can say no, but it's an odd place, when 
you're naked, having trusted a male enough to close
your eyes for several hours and then to say "he did me".
So, women can still do that, but it's a bit hard to 
argue for 100% guilt for the guy. 
But, George's angle is thus, I assume:
George has bagged lots of women 
whom he has first hypnotized with his charm. 
So, he has been able to get that breakfast 
without trouble and so expects it as a ‘right’. 
So, he thinks Julian just ran into some bitches
who were a little too hot.

Unfortunately George just stepped on a bag of shit 
laid out by Assange’s Marcel Marceaux 
imaginary Swedish jailers whose use of the 
hottest tar-&-feather subject (short of peedo)
are trying to destroy Julian and anybody who 
tries to defend him. Brilliant. Until Wikileaks gets the 
damning evidence. Then it's conspiracy people 
vs the Man.
Imagine, if you will, no lawyers or law makers can 
make a decent argument to stop this ridiculous circus. 
It’s like something out of the Twilight Zone. 
Thanks to it being a sexual assault case, 
now lots of women can be found to look shocked 
at all the support for Assange from his 
politically-minded fans, 
who see the charges as political chess-playing, 
because that’s what they are. So, I'm free to jest:

more tweets

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald
KEY FACT HERE: Ecuador FM: we tried to get 
Sweden to agree to no extradition to US in exchange 
for Assange going to Sweden - they said NO
WikiLeaks @wikileaks
The UK is willing to risk an international incident 
to arrest a man charged with no crime.
Stilgherrian @stilgherrian
@wikileaks Well, with all due respect, Mr Assange 
has now presumably breached bail conditions. 
So he IS a fugitive from the law.