Sunday, 19 August 2012

PM Cameron: Parliament is so anti-posh, I'm miffed

[eton posse- Banksy. moving up from restaurants, to Lundun and UK]
Apparently the rarified air of parliament is not good enough for the
Prime Minister, who is, firstly, a numbered member of the royal
His-or-her-Majesty-to-be list.

However, some scrappy closet-Communists from the northern
provinces (probably Liverpool) have been been whispering
that he's a "moaning, rich public school bastard." Whispers
carry, boys. How could you?

Anyway, this is actually the Benedict Cumberbatch story,
in disguise.
NO.REALLY. That's the guy's name

All I've got to say, Benedict ...
(say that with a straight face, then, my son, you are an actOR)
is that you're such a delitante. You should be running the country.
Glory awaits. Onto your horses, men!
SORRY. too many clangey knights-and-dragons movies

Ya, a spoilt, spotty and sensitive rich boy would just go running
off to America where the colonials will be happy to kiss his ass.

chuckle away: Independent
Viv Groskop

"Benedict Cumberbatch has been complaining that he may
have to quit the UK because of the severity of 'posh-baiting' in this country. He moans that he is portrayed as a 'moaning, rich, public school bastard' who complains about getting 'posh' roles....'it makes me think I want to go to America'....'I wasn't born into land or titles, or new money, or an oil rig.'....went to a Tibetan monastery during his  gap year.....Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch has a name of exceptionally ridiculous proportions."