Friday, 17 August 2012

sh*t boring guys say about goldbugs

This is actually quite a funny little story, not because
one bunch of idiots are trying to make fun of
another bunch of idiots, but because the first
idiots haven't even got a clue about what they're

So, the goldbugs are always saying 'gold is great',
and some people find this funny. Fine, but the video
making fun of the goldbugs isn't the really funny
sh*t that goldbugs say.

The guys at Liberty Blitzkrieg really have to watch
Max Keiser from about a year ago, or simply read
the headlines on King World News,
the goldbugs' porn site.
Both those guys have been saying sh*t like
"Gold's going to a million, tomorrow"
NOW, that is funny.
They really seem to be forgetting that there's a $100 trillion
immoral derivative betting scam going on, to keep the price
of gold down, aided and abetted by every major government
in the world. Max has even admitted that, but he continued
to believe that the
Goldfairy would wave her big-ass gold wand
and make it go away. He doesn't say that sh*t anymore. I don't see
 him and his own brand of crazy go-to-zero derivatives doing any
damage either.

KWN, on the other hand.....Allow me to reveal my research
from the last two weeks:
[read these and imagine the goldbugs pulling on their peters. not that you'd want to.]

Read 'em and cry from laffing so hard: Lib blitz
Shit Goldbugs Say – The Video
Posted on August 3, 2012  
Short video my friend Dan Ameduri created poking fun at gold bugs. I have a little cameo appearance in there.  Gotta laugh at yourself sometimes!


It's almost as funny when the mainstream media is telling us that:
"oh, gold? that's for jewellery. That's a tribal relic used for dowries only"
meanwhile, gold buying shops are sprouting like mushrooms, even though
the general economy is in the sh*tter. Any clues as to why that is?

Here's one from the Times, last year.It reaches back thousands of years to pull
the wool overy our eyes.