Monday, 27 August 2012

Willy II, son of Tampon I, and the Camel

It's just more of the same for the British royal family.

Where Charles has been nailed for his disgusting
phone calls to his mistress, now consort (that sounds worse).

He's been smeared with rumours of the murder of his wife.

His first son, William, is a bit of a straight arrow.
Boring. Nice wife , though.

His brother, Harry, on the other handjob, is a media darling:

Nazi party outfit
Vegas strip poker

Media response:
Rupert Murdoch (his Sun paper was the only one to show pics)
says "leave the boy alone" and "I need him to sell papers on slow days"

The distraction
Now that the banksters are being cornered, maybe Harry's willy
was brought out to distract everybody. Watch the headlines
for something devious coming out of the UK, soon. I have no doubt.

more later