Monday, 27 August 2012

scarpe diem, part 5: emergency. dynamite

UPDATE: one worker slits wrist on tv.

In one of the Scarpe Diem countries, Italy, workers have
taken to defending their right to work, by threatening to
blow themselves up.

This is pretty desperate action. But, who can blame
them for being worried, and seeking to get attention.

No government violence yet. This is a self-inflicted wound.

checkit: Reuters

Italy miners barricade themselves underground with explosives
 By Naomi O'Leary
ROME | Mon Aug 27, 2012 7:58am EDT
(Reuters) - Up to 100 Sardinian miners armed with hundreds of kilograms of explosives have barricaded themselves nearly 400 meters underground in Italy's only coal mine to put pressure on the Rome government to protect its survival.
The miners from a 460-strong workforce seized 350 kilos of company explosives and locked themselves inside the Carbosulcis mine west of Cagliari overnight on Monday, one of them said, ahead of a government meeting this week to discuss the pit's future.
"We are worried that the mine may close. We are afraid for our jobs," said Sandro Mereu, 54, a iner who has worked there for 28 years.
"We are prepared to stay here until we hear a response from the government that secures the future of the mine. We will stay here indefinitely," Mereu told Reuters by telephone.
The miners want the mine to be diversified into a combined mining and carbon capture site to protect its future. Carbon capture is the storing of polluting emissions underground to mitigate global warming.