Sunday, 26 August 2012

I'll take the third. Richard III

Having recently discovered that Richard III was the last
English king to lead his troops into battle, I thought
I would discuss the latest incidents of warfare
and how our leaders are not only not leading
the charge against the enemy, but are doing
the enemies' bidding and charging on the populace.

I'm talking about the enemy bankers and their
employees , the politicians of the UK.

Next time a politician tells me to suffer austerity,
I'll just remind him of Richard  III.
That goes for any future wars too.

Reminds me of the Sex Pistols doc Filth&Fury,
which uses Richard III movie with Olivier to play
 off of, about sick f^%&^&ks who end up
taking over through cunning.

Here at 2:05, 10:35
 can't embed

check the rest. It's quite amusing.

Looking up to my superiors
the brits really are like this: