Saturday, 1 September 2012

Republican John Galt says we built this stadium on misappropriation

The Republican Party is meeting in Tampa for the sole
reason that Mitt likes yacht parties.

Anyway, they were feeling mighty John Galty when one
of them announced that the stadium they were in
was built by "us", rich White republicans.

Of course, businesses made lots of money on the stadium.
The footbal team makes money in that stadium.
These are real, proud, American, businesses, right?

Every stadium these days, including the one in Tampa
being sullied by politicians, was built on government

THAT is the key skill of businessmen today
How to get gubmint money!

chuckle away:  Michael Moore @MMFlint
GOP's Convention Theme “We Built This” Is Delivered In Stadium Built With 62% Government Funds

[rock and roll is a euphemism for sex. Guess who the victim is.]