Friday, 1 February 2013

The Piers Morgan law

Hacking is a crime punishable by jail time, in the US.

I did not know that.

In the UK, Rupert Murdoch ran a phone hacking enterprise,
with a newspaper as a front and laundering unit. Politics
entered by the back door (inside joke with Just Dave).

It wasn't just Rupe. Piers Morgan, now of CNN was doing it.

In fact, Jeremy Paxman, a talking head on the BBC, said
that Morgan told everybody at a dinner party how to hack
phones. And yet, he didn't go to jail.

I guess Internet hacking is the key. A guy below stole some
personal nudie pics from famous actresses, for a bit of
wrist exercise and for no personal financial gain.
So, into the slammer you go, for not having any connections
hiding up your quiff.

This is Alex Jones who was recently on Piers's's Show

Checkit: 1 Sky News

..Hollywood Hacker Jailed After Stealing Nude Pics
Tue, Dec 18, 2012....Email0
....A man who hacked into the personal emails of Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Christina Aguilera and a number of other women has been jailed for 10 years.

Christopher Chaney pleaded guilty to offences that included wiretapping and unauthorised access to a computer.

Prosecutors said Chaney, 35, illegally accessed the email accounts of more than 50 people in the entertainment industry between November 2010 and October 2011.

His arrest came after an 11-month investigation - dubbed Operation Hackerazzi - into the hacking of dozens of celebrities, of whom actresses Johansson and Kunis, and singer Aguilera were the highest-profile names.

The court heard a tearful videotaped statement from Lost In Translation star Johansson after nude photos, taken herself and meant for her then-husband Ryan Reynolds, were placed on the internet.

Aguilera said in a statement issued days before the sentencing that although she is often in the limelight, Chaney had taken private moments from her.

"That feeling of security can never be given back and there is no compensation that can restore the feeling one has from such a large invasion of privacy," Aguilera said.

2 Vice

Aaron Swartz Died for Piers Morgan’s Sins

By Greg Palast
In 2000, Aaron Swartz had just released his astonishing invention, RSS, to ease the flow of information and news around the internet. Around the same time, one of Piers Morgan’s stringers hacked into the phone of Sir Paul McCartney’s wife and stole some highly personal, and highly valuable, information – the type of gossip used to sell Morgan’s grotty little scandal sheet, The Daily Mirror. The idea of Piers listening in on private phone messages, whether he remained zipped or not, is too creepy to think about. But he did it. Often. Electronic burglary for profit is a crime in the UK and USA both.
Editors and executives from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation were arrested and face hard time for knowing about it and covering it up. Not Piers, though.
Then there was the little matter of his insider stock trades, called a “fraud on the market” in the United States where it would earn you substantial time breaking rocks on a chain gang. The scheme Morgan profited from was elegantly simple and utterly criminal. Two of Morgan’s influential financial columnists would make recommendations to the rubes reading The Mirror. Morgan and his so-called reporters bought the stocks just before they would print the names of their picks – which would, of course, immediately shoot skyward. Morgan pocketed tens of thousands of pounds. His co-conspirators, the reporters, got jail time. Not Piers. He admitted to the profiteering and walked away with a fine.
There was yet another fraud. In 2004, Piers ran laughably staged photos of British troops “torturing” an Iraqi. Except they weren’t in Iraq and the Iraqi was a swarthy Brit soldier posing with his mates. Piers sold a lot of tabloids with this fakery. Just like he sold a lot of pulp on a fabricated story about my penis. When he was confronted with the clear evidence the “torture” photo was a con, Morgan still claimed the story was true, even if the photos lied. But the story was a lie. Piers defended running the fantasy as truth – just as he continued to stand by his discredited expose of my knicker knockwurst.
Piers’ obvious journalistic talents were simply too stellar for American news media to ignore and he was subsequently given CNN’s top news interview programme, after proving his analytical credentials by winning Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. All he had to do, was get there. Solved by the little matter of sneaking across the border surrounded by a cloud of criminality. In 2011 alone, the Obama Administration was proud to have deported 188,382 alien residents for evidence of criminal activity, from a boyfriend having a joint in your car, to ancient records of crimes confessed under torture. God Bless America.
The US law, especially the mellifluously titled, “Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act” of 1996, bar work visas to those who have admitted to “the essential elements of a crime” including fraud and white collar felonies involving more than $10,000. The US Embassy can exercise its discretion. And no one is more discrete than the US Ambassador to the Court of St. James, Mr. Louis Susman, whose credentials are listed as “prolific fundraiser for [the] Democratic Party” and former Vice-Chairman of Citibank. Susman’s embassy did a thorough review of Piers’ visa. (Here is a photo of Ambassador Susman with Piers at the CNN launch party of Morgan’s show.)....