Saturday, 9 February 2013

American Bath-ic

Although it is well known that actors have been hired to play
the President of the US, and not just on tv and movies.
Reagan is a stunning example. If you see the right videos,
it's clear that Reagan was the puppet and the beginning
of major fraudulent banking started under "his rule".

Another obvious puppet was Bush43. His simpleton
act made everyone laugh while he bombed the world.
However, I had been convinced that B43 was more
evil than the idiot he portrayed.
Now, I'm having my doubts.

If you're going to paint, you would paint:
-what you think you are supposed to (fashion)
-what means something to you
-what would be a good challenge

which of these can explain someone painting
his own self in a bathtub. It could be somebody
else in the tub, but that's creepy. So, a bath
means something to B43. How simple do you
have to be to paint a self-cleaning function?

I like how William Banzai 7 has captured the
highlights of Bin Laden's turban, and the shininess
of a new rubber ducky. These were essential
additions to the oeuvre of a one B43.

Stay tuned for paintings of one of B43's daughters and
her odd piercings. American Gothic