Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cussing and visceral feelings

I've long since gotten sick of listening to myself
swearing, in English, anyway.

I've got some choice Arabic, Russian, Japanese
expressions that I like to use.

It's that it becomes mundane after a while and
loses its purpose. Swearing is designed to
reflect a certain interpretation of life's events.

I read a letter to a paper complaining about
swearing in the paper, but I had to say, instead
of it being from a tin-eared granny, or tin-eyed,
it mentioned some interesting points.

"that these reserved words are to be used only in
extreme conditions to show your anger."
"it is childish and irresponsible to try to make them
part of your everyday language and diminish the
important service that they provide"

So, it got me thinking, as I do, about cussing,
because I have had a theory or two about it.

I disagree a bit with the letter.
Some folks can use swearing in a rather
humorous way,  but not the English, as in Britain.
bladdy 'ell

Swearing does have a link to visceral feelings.
So, there are so many times in life when you are
met with stupidity and rude behaviour, and you'd
like to swear, I don't because there's no need to
get into an argument with an idiot. He'll always
be an idiot. That's his penalty.

However, when you live in a society where the
government lies to you, steals from you and the
gets the media to embed that lie into everyday
life, I do object, and I do cuss. This blog is
full of that sort of stuff.

I explain it thus:
You feel that your sanity and your future is
being messed with by rich bastards, you feel
a pain in your gut and you wish you could
grab the fT&*ker and show him what you
think, and it's made worse by the fact that
those panty-waisted jerkoffs are insulated
from the people that they are screwing.

If you don't feel a visceral revulsion and a
desire to punch a politician, then you're not
paying attention to the big picture. We, the
middle class, the workers that might wear a white
collar, are being euthanised, economically.

And apparently it's bad to keep such anger
bottled up. It will literally take years
off your life. This is why Italians and other
Mediterranean folks are so healthy. They let
rip, regularly.

Sam Kinison was good English-speaker for
 verbalising that kind of rage: