Saturday, 2 February 2013

cos67 might be a prophet: part 5

About a year ago, I wrote a prophetic blurb about
Amsterdam's decision to keep foreigners out of  its
hash pubs, I guess because it's bad for its image.

I said that the tourist industry was complaining
because such a law will devastate tourism, in already
dire economic times.
"Grass smokers are harmless. They stink, but they're
harmless" said the spokesman. "It's those foul British
politicians, and their football hooligans that stick in
the craw. and watch out for the Bullyngdon Club"

I said it would bring down the government, and it did.
Well, something did, anyway.

So Reuters prints this in December of last year:

Amsterdam will turn a blind eye to foreigners buying
cannabis in its 'coffee shops'. There were months of
uncertainty about foreign visitors following a ban
that was introduced by a government coalition which
has since collapsed....'will not attach priority to
enforcing the local residence requirement' Mayor
van der Laan said"