Saturday, 2 February 2013

I see your Savile and raise you a Sandusky

Pedophile trading cards.

anyway. I read recently that Penn State University
is tearing itself apart because it let
a crazy pedo run wild for 2 decades and
covered it up, for fear that it may make
their football team lose.

Now, the Board has too many members, and
they're involved in too much of the
daily bullsh*t at PSU.

So, they think this will make it easier
to catch the next deviant.
I'll tell you what they're going to do.
They're gonna go back to chaperones in the
girls' dorms. Ankle bracelets on offenders
and then maybe chastity belts.

And it won't stop the pedos. It'll put
a dent in "extra-curricular activity"
amongst normal young adults, who are
shit-faced drunk [big up to Steubenville].
That cramping of the style of thousands
of young Americans will lead to the football
team losing. If the quarterback can't
have his cheerleader, that ball will not
fly straight, on Sunday.