Saturday, 2 February 2013

how does a patrician bully?

I've always wondered why bullying is such a problem in a
genteel society like Britain. That's not to say it doesn't
happen everywhere, every day. These repressed, jealous
folks are so out of control , they probably don't realise
it when they are being bullies.
"who? me? bully?"

It's especially funny in parliament when the issue
comes up, as it did when the PM was talking about
Labour's Ed Balls (ya, that's his name) bullying him,
i.e. shaming him with the truth.

Ed Miliband Labour MP for Honky Nose
and Labour party leader says:
"I've heard everything when the boy from the
Bullingdon Club lectures people on bullying.
Absolutely extraordinary. Have you wrecked a
restaurant recently?"

There's so much wrong with what this little
story reveals:
-If Balls did something wrong, then sanctions
- If Balls did nothing wrong, then the Prime
Minister is actually a panty-waist for complaining
- that PM used to be a bully?
-what does trashing a restaurant have to do with
-Ed knows that PM Dave was also a bully because
that's what the top of the privilege pile do. It's
allowed, and even enforced. Everyone else is cowed.
-they're discussing language games, instead of
tackling the obvious economic problems
-they're playing to the cameras
-they play bully games all the time. It's sick to watch,
especially when Rome on the Thames is burning