Monday, 11 February 2013

Brazil just can't help but welcome tourists

I wish I had time to dig up the stories I've read about
the "discovery" of Brazil. Apparently, the stiff, Christian
Portuguese landed on shore to find a mostly naked,
quite amorous tribe of locals in the Rio area, and
they decided "this is where I retire". And they
learned to relax.

Rio has not changed one jot since then. It's odd now
that Brazil is an up and coming country, it is
expressing itself to outsiders, but still cannot
muster a bad feeling.

Point in fact is the case of the young ladies
who want foreigners to not come to Rio for
carnival. Apparently, they don't want Rio's
gals to become prey for foreigners.
So , how did they do this?

They went to the airport, took their tops off
and shouted at arriving tourists, to get their
attention. They just end up looking so
appealing, though.
Will things never change? I sure
hope not. At least, until I get my fill.