Saturday, 2 February 2013

deathwatch 2013 Ted Nugent

coming soon. Why Ted is like, Dead, man.

Is that a promise, Theodore?

If Obama is elected , by nov 2013 nugent will be
dead or in jail.
That’s something that I won’t let out of my sight.
Kinda think the former would be better.

While he does play with guns, he has been known to
crap himself, out of fear. Indeed, he soiled himself
over an extended period in order to avoid Vietnam.
I'll dig that story up later.

For a time, as a young teen, I thought Nugent was
a "spirited musician", but now with 24/7 wall2wall
Internet, I know he's a bonehead and his tunes are
aimed at young teens.
That's enough for this guy. Adios, famous deathwish guy.