Saturday, 2 February 2013

More 'Breasts & Circumcisions'

It's the new Bread and Circuses that royalty are so fond
of foisting on the people to get them to stop
focusing on how obscenely wealthy the royals are.

People in the Net Age will not settle for bread or
circuses. They have Internet Porn. They want
Tits & Ass with their subjugation.

Luckily, they have no shortage of pantsed royal
yung-uns to keep the tabloids busy.
Extended Family of the Royles are also allowed.

Next one: 'I' News
"with her derriere having been the subject of
unparalleled media coverage ever since her
memorable appearance at last year's royal
wedding, Pippa Middleton can evidently still
see the funny side. The Duchess of Cambridge's
sister [Pippa], who recently released a book on
party planning [that stank and nobody bought it
-Cos67], writes in the Spectator, 'Maybe I should
write a sequel and call it Bottom's Up? Now,
that could be a best seller' "

Ok. I'll let you be the judge of her gluteous
maximus. If hers is good, it will 'stick out'
 in this country where the average chick's
butt is flappy fat or flat like a cadaver's.

Butt, bottoms up? Is that hinting at her
getting into a bit of slap and tickle, on paper.
Will she be doing a Playbody spread or
simulating sex. You know,
"face down, ass up" ?

Now you see how even reasonable, cynical
people like me can waste time with the
implications of that kind of talk, and she
didn't even show her butt in the Spectator.
Am I becoming one of the chattering classes?
No. too poor. colonial.

To the Breasts and so on:
[from Showbiz. not a good angle]
now this is more like it:
[Raandom- thanks for the label, boys]