Saturday, 30 March 2013

I know you're a freak, but what am I?

I know that the opinions of people on reality shows
are fundamentally flawed. People say what they think
will make them more famous.

But, when you're discussing intentional body
disfigurement, you're dealing with people
who are so weird that they cannot hide their
weirdness. Therefore, they reveal themselves,
perhaps without wishing to do so. Especially
after I'm done with them. Observe:

This manifests itself as one nut passing
judgement on other nutty people.
This makes me certain that most tattoo people,
like 99% of those who get more than one
tattoo, are certifiable. I don't care how "cool"
some think they are.
Do what you like, but if you expect me to say
"how are you? come in" as if they're okay,
then you're mistaken.
It's not just my shock at their bodies and behaviour.
They're the same in person. They're beyond
just attention seekers.
But you're also harming yourself by going against
your own instincts, if you feel forced to accept
You'd be trying to kill off your mind's natural defenses.
If they don't make you feel odd, then your
wretch mechanism has been damaged.
How are you supposed to know in your gut that
something's wrong? Before you know it, you'll
be getting a tattoo and splitting your dick, and
hanging a bollock weight.

For the philosophy behind my revulsion, look
no further than the Filth and Fury documentary
on the Sex Pistols (great stuff on QE II and
King Richard III, Thatcher and so on). Johnny
Rotten thinks that S&M rubber fetishists are
numb to reality. I could say the
same of tattoo customers.
Johnny: "people can get themselves in such a predicament
that the only way they can have sex is in facemask
and a rubber tshirt with a bollock weight...because
you cannot face reality"
 [from 1:24]

Let's cut to the tatt videos:
[can't embed]

From the Channel four show I saw:
I recall one lady who has a
Michael Jackson tattoo on her arm and
the rest of her arm is her life story. She
had the temerity to insult a person who
has spike on his tonsil (or whatever the
flap at the back of the mouth is).

They also have some people who don't
have any visible modifications making
weird faces and screaming.
Apparently some of them are out of work
comedians. strange

There's the couple who are almost
covered head to toe with tattoos
making fun of a guy who has a tattoo
of his own face, on his back. I find
it hard choosing who's right, or better
or saner, or whatever.