Saturday, 16 March 2013

wanted dead or alive in Oaktown

that's not just for fake Western posters anymore.

Thanks to the bankster libertarianism, many
large, dangerous American cities cannot
afford good police coverage, so the
vigilantes are taking over.

they're posting their own wanted posters too

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“Wanted” Signs Emerge in Oakland as Residents Police Themselves
Posted on March 2, 2013   
So this is what is happening in Oakland, one of the many forgotten about, left-behind corners of America.  From CBS:
OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – Oakland’s crime problems have gotten so bad that some people aren’t even bothering to call the cops anymore; instead, they’re trying to solve and prevent crimes themselves.
In a neighborhood that has started to feel like the wild west, people have even started posting “wanted” signs.
Personally, I think this is the only “Wanted” sign that people should be putting up all over America.
Bernank Wanted Sign

You have to walk around in your house with a gun to feel safe here,” said Alaska Tarvins of the Arcadia Park Board of Directors.

Over the weekend, one home was burglarized twice in a 24 hour period, once while a resident’s nephew was inside.

Now, Arcadia park neighbors are taking the detective work into their own hands.

KPIX 5 found a woman who identified herself as L.E. patrolling her neighborhood by car. She said she recently chased down a couple of robbers herself.

While the macro problems that have led to this are deplorable, there is one silver lining.  The crime crisis is forcing neighbors to get to know each other and come to solutions on their own within their community.  Since we all know by now the bureaucracy will not be coming to the rescue, the sooner we figure out solutions on our own the better.