Saturday, 23 March 2013

Captain James T. Hadfield, Canuck in Space

Captain's log, Earthdate 23 March, 2013.
Some guitar-playing Canadian is doing what no man has done
He's up in orbit, communicating with us groundlings through the
miracles of satellite tech.
His music is, if nothing else, out of this world.
His photos are first class stuff too.
 [aurora borealis]
 [real estate folly in Dubai]
 [jumping over the moon]

But, he's still a long way from Captain James T Kirk, of the
Starship Enteprise, even though he's a chip off the old Shatner,
as regards his performances. He's got a good sense of how
the wider culture might view his role, or want to see about
his role, as an astronaut.
But, he has a lot to learn from that other Canadian spaceman,
and ladies' man.

[watch out for the blue chick at 0:45. She blue him away]