Saturday, 30 March 2013

the Euro- Sisyphusian Economy

Sisyphus, as the man who pushed a rock up a slope
only for it to fall back and for him to start again,
is what the manufacturing economy has
wallowed into.

It used to be the big corporations made everything
(in the West) and ruined the environment and ran
roughshod over governments. Well, the big britches
now belong to the banks.

If big corporations don't play their cards right
and bribe the right politicians, then they could close.
Banks don't lend unless the government makes them
do it, and gives them the free money to do so.
If companies do stay open, they can get 0% interest loans
or grants from the government that wishes to
keep the Iconic-conomics going.

To that end, Germany has been screwing peripheral
countries in order to keep its banks open and its
economy chugging along. Except now, just about
every economy in the Euro zone (and beyond)
has smelled the moldy fungus in the air, and they
are not buying. They're having austerity forced
on them and are forcing cutbacks on themselves.

So, you end up with the totally crazy vision of
German car manufacturers making and destroying 
their own car production. They could not have those
cars flooding the market, lowering their margins,
and nor could they fire workers, because Angela
Merkel won't allow it. She has to get elected, you see?
So, to the demolition derby.

a lot full of thousands of German Uber cars ready to
be scrapped. I think the Automotive Liberation Army
is planning to save those poor unfortunate decadent cars
from Car Hell.
They say "you wasted so many resources making the
f%^&king thing, let somebody enjoy it."

Young men of the Third World need free or cheap cars, to aid in
the Courting Arts.

Aren't you glad the Troika is saving the
Euro economy?

a Better Solution for destitute cars, from Salmon Arm:

[everybody enjoys the waste of the fruits of human production and
mineral wealth. Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaw!]