Saturday, 30 March 2013

The American God loves Guns

You have a unique situation in the US, where a whole
bunch of heretics of the 17th and 18th century ran,
or yachted their way there. They did so to escape
the Persecution of the Mentally and Religiously Retarded.

There were the Puritans, fresh from their
political defeat in  England, the De-Republicanisation,
or the Kiss My Royal Ass from now on-isation of
Charles the Second and his Merry Band of Ass-kissers.
This was brought on by the Puritans' cancellation of
Christmas (because it wasn't in the Good Book).
This is why you have hypocrisy as a major public
frustration. There is a major porn industry (cure for
frustration, and poverty) in a country
that doesn't want Janet Jackson's nipple to be seen,
even with a tassle on it. They spaz out at the sight
of anything sexual because they're horribly repressed,
yet have no problem with guns and violence because
it helps them blow off steam, which is required
if you're horribly repressed.So, killing comes easier
than f%&8king. 
Which life would you rather have? Anyway.

Who else? the Mormons (lost tribes of Israel- that's
mighty f^&8king lost. They were amongst lots of
Jews in Germany, and closer to Palestine. So, they
were also unable to read a map).
Their twisted Book is being brought to
life now in London, on the stage, with its 12-year-old
elders preaching on the doorstep.

the Anabaptists (refusing to die when their religion
tells them to)
-now the Seventh-Day Adventists, still refusing to die
the Episcopalians- not quite Catholic

and the new religions:
Jesus Scientists (you know who I mean-
I don't want them googling me and harrassing me)
and their science fiction Book and cultish following.

What we have here is a place where the religious
could come and be Religioulous. As happens with
people of twisted faith, as soon as they could
muster their forces, went about proselytising
aggressively (because nobody was killing their
stupid asses anymore). So, religious freedoms and
tax relief for "religions" means its open season on
the Republic and its people, in the US.

And it's a religion of us-vs-them. It's a religion of
PREACHING morals on tv, yet screwing hookers 
HATING (& at times killing) gays
HATING women going through abortions
HATING minorities
FEARING blacks
HATING government (that allowed them to live)
OFFERING health care to poor who espouse
(under force) their religion, so that they may live
on God's green earth (Green= money)

Therefore, religious people see no problem in
arming themselves to the teeth and seeing it
as part and parcel of religion.

So, I want to echo Jim Carrey's frustration with
guns, god and that white-guy problem with
projecting his erectile dysfunction and dys-biggness
upon a nation of peace-loving dope smokers.

Now, CNN and Fox are using their "news" channels
to mock, threaten and insult Jim Carrey,
thereby proving Jim's point about Dys-biggness.
So , I want you to compare the above satire
with the burning hell that is the US, where
it's easier to get a gun than to get a job,
or enough non-GM food to live, or health care.