Saturday, 23 March 2013

Does it matter that Pi has a stuffed tiger?

I'm a bit too old to take anything at face value, but
insiders have said never believe what you see on the screen.

Now CGI is making this ridiculous. I just wonder whether
the CGI is what impresses or whether it allows a good, but
difficult-to-create story to be told.

I'm guessing the first. How would suburban boring movie
guys be able to get past the urge to maximise profits?

Here's your Pi before and after:

I've always wondered how Scarlett does those provocative poses.
Now I can see it's all done with wires.

[all the panty scenes from Lost in Translation, some in slow-mo. Look closely for
the wires even though the pic is low qual]

She is THE reason that the movie got nominated. Sofia Coppola
grew up in the biz & knows that the voters are ugly, perverted old men.
Butt, that was not just any old butt.