Saturday, 9 March 2013

GDP boost from girlie shopping

It's not enough that New York was living through a hurrican
that cost it all sorts of millions to fix, but you had rich
bitches who wanted to shop.
You remember, "whenever there's a disaster, it's time to
shop"- Bush43

Anyway, Joan Collins was the Quote of the day, back then
when she said: True disaster is that Bloomingdale's is
closed today. Where's a girl to shop during a hurricane.

I know she's using "girl" in an allusion to a phrase she
ripped off. Still, lots of women my age are calling
themselves "girl".

Also, that a newspaper would pick up this sh*t
quote as quote of the day means that they think
we're either stupid consumers, or lovers of
Monty Python -style absurdity. A phrase without
a single of word of meaning.