Monday, 11 March 2013

Cos67 may be a prophet, part 6

my story on the fluoride mafia on 10 of Feb this year

PROOF: a Russia Today story on Abby Martin's show
Breaking the Set, last week

- it is a big scary mafia 
- bloggers lead the way for the correct media
(i.e. forget the mainstream media)

Abby showed how the fluoride in our water, if you're in
many Western countries such as Australia and the US,
is not really the same as the fluoride in our toothpaste,
but it is a by-product (read: chemical waste) of the
fertiliser & aluminum smelting process. Sweet!

So, there was money to be made. Big money. "How do
we get past the Food Safety Communists?"
they asked.
An Alcoa bastard was made public health czar so
that this could be done to the American people.

and it's classed as a "drug"!
Call the DEA the Dept of Alcohol Tobacco and
Water-borne Drugs

So, when I said that fluoride was costing $300 000
to a small city in Australia, I said: this is a money-
making venture first and foremost, for a mafia.

Well, the mafia is the smelters and their friends in
government. Lots of scientific proof (wish I had some)
is showing that fluoride harms mental health and hearts
and vascular systems.
50% of the stuff stays in the body. The rest is pissed out.

Let sweet Abby tell you