Saturday, 9 March 2013

Eton out of hand

The biggest coup of the last 5 years has been
perpetrated by the patrician class on the
British political system. They're
sprouting up everywhere.

The Prime Minister, and to a lesser degree
George the Fin Min. The mayor of the
London (non-City of London Corp), and
ever more.

No school represents that image
better than Eton, with their tie and tails.

This was from a clip in the Evening Standard.
and it really shows what they're made of:

Naturally their Gangnam version was
the first issue of note.

Charity boss: Oxbridge grads tend
to avoid work by running or starting
a charity. Lots of free wine and cheese,
and hob-nobbing to be had. [Let's not forget
NGOs as another fine, hi-class work-dodge]
Simon Konecki is the example given
and he happens to be the secret
sperm donor for Adele, the songstress.

Sir George Young. chief whip, but he
looks like he couldn't really hold a whip.

James Bond does an Austin Powers:
Whatever his name is, the latest one,
the metrosexual blond guy. anyway,
apparently, he "was expelled from
Eton after being caught having a
steamy dalliance with one of the
school's maids."
That's more like it.

French Oral exam at 0:25