Monday, 17 June 2013

Blockbusters are a way of life

["eat my blockbuster"]
When Steven Spielberg and George Lucas complained
recently about the state of the film industry in the US,
that cultural hotbed, not being able to make ends meet,
I tuned out because I thought it was primarily sour
grapes from two very rich producers who hadn't
produced anything of value recently.

My second thought was that it was an excuse and a
warning signal for the Hollywood mafia to again turn
up the pressure in Washington to shut down anything
on the web that would cut H-wood's monopoly.
That may very well be true. SOPA PIPA KAKA

But, when I read the Times 2 today, I found another,
very wise take on this issue.

These two toads complained about how H-wood is
banking on blockbusters ever more, making it
vulnerable to bankruptcy, if those busters flop.

My first thought is of Max Keiser's "Hollywood
accounting" practices. as he says, H-wood never loses.

But Kevin Maher was on target when he said
"but the busters are sh*t" that's why they flop.

Maher also smelled that this will be used as an
excuse to charge even more for movie-goers than
the exhorbitant rates of today.

& This is the piece de resistance:

"Isn't it rather rich that the two people most
responsible for the creation of blockbuster
movie culture (with Jaws and Star Wars) are
bemoaning the existence of blockbuster
movie culture. It's like early 1940s Hitler
complaining about the amount of killing on
the streets and battlefields of Europe"