Tuesday, 18 June 2013

H-wood is dead, long live Kickstarter

Kickstarter will create a whole new class of
movie moguls, wearing sneakers and cheap

The crowdfunding craze has let many new
moviemakers and other entrepreneurs to sell
their wares to a vibrant audience.

Now, I don't know if the investors make their
money back, because I haven't joined in, but
I can see how crowdfunding is half the battle
because you can see if interest exists in your
idea and whether your name has some good
faith attached to it. It keeps you modest.

checkit: ONION

Most Buzzed-About Kickstarter Campaigns
Infographic• Science & Technology•
Internet• ISSUE 49•23• Jun 3, 2013
Last week, the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter announced the launch of its 100,000th campaign, having collectively raised a total of $631 million in its three years in operation. Here are some of the most notable projects funded through the site:
•The Slightly Younger Justice League: This fan-financed comic imagines the members of the JLA as if they were six months younger than they appear in mainstream adventures
•Miss Doubtfire: In this prequel, we discover that Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) spent time earlier in his life masquerading as a young, single Euphegenia Doubtfire
•Your Friend’s Piece-Of-Shit Documentary: Oh, God, the description uses the words “generational” and “ethno-biography.” This is going to be horrible
•Big Table Web Series: A couple friends have some great sketches for a boardroom-based web series and they just need $10,000 for a big enough table to do it all
•Mars Needs Moms: For a $14.99 donation, supporters will receive a DVD of the film