Monday, 24 June 2013

Freud put a bit of sex into everything

Probably put some sex into the cocaine that
he snorted nearly to the point that his nose was to
have been amputated.

Anyway, I've passed Freud's ideas through
my head over the years and I think I've now
got a few things to say about his stages of
psychosexual development:

1 oral 2 anal 3 the phallic (ages 3-6)  4 the latent
5 the genital
during which the source of libidinal pleasure is in a
different erogenous zone of the person's body

First problem. What is libidinal pleasure when you're
talking about somebody who is largely incapable of
engaging in procreative sex (stage 1-4)?
Why does pleasure have to be sexual or libidinal,
in the first 4 stages? or was Freud a pedophile?

It's one thing to gain pleasure at understanding the
world around you. You start off realising, rather than
just reacting to, the fact that your mouth is used
for acquiring sustenance, or as I like to call it,
a fresh milkshake. stage 1
Pleasure from a tit. Pleasure from knowledge

[1:25 and 1:55]

stage 2 gaining pleasure from getting your shit
together is good, and you stop making a mess
of yourself. Some pleasure in that, but if Freud
is saying that this is libidinous, then what is he
saying about people who practice anal sex. Are
they trapped in stage 2?
Back to stage 1. My girlfriends that gave me
oral sex. Were they trapped in stage 1?
Are we all partly in love with all stages?
I've watched anal sex on Youporn, and just
about every other kind, except midgets,
hermafrodites, and transexual, gay and inter-
species erotica and fat fetish.

By the way, though I like Kevin Smith's
work, when he went for the bestiality in
Clerks 2, he did it well, but when he explicitly
linked it with the scene in Bachelor Party,
it became like a rip off.
you decide

[in Italiano. Bunga bunga in the barnyard. Che catso?]

I can't find the great scene from
Bachelor Party

anyway , back to the libido
stage 3 the phallic. I think that makes sense
because that's the stage where most kids
play doctor for the first time, but not the last.

stage 4- the latent. This gives it away. How can
you get pleasure from something latent?

stage 5- is full physical maturity. Hard to miss.
It's called puberty. Many cultures have rites of
passage involving high-jumping or disco dancing.
People are able to procreate,
and thus pleasure is a normal part of that.
Don't need a theory, just a condom

Freud was also into the Oedipal Complex. I wonder
how he managed to square that with the five
stages. Are you phallic when you want your mother?

I was once told something about Freud, and it made
sense. Freud toldthe world some interesting things,
but he told us less about the developing psyche than
he did about Freud himself. He thought so much that
he climbed up into his own ass and was staring at
himself when he was looking at others' problems.
He projected his problems on them.
Or as we say in my home town: It takes one to know one

I think that the way his ideas have made it into the
common parlance is the way that we are all armchair
psychologists and our pejorative terms reflect
some very Freudian problems because we do not actually
see the psycho-sexual problems of difficult people,
nor do we understand how this problem affects their
brain, but we sense these losers, don't we?
Cuz we're butt-sniffers.

Some choice freudian insults:

1) wanker, jerk-off
2) asshole
3) prick, dick
4) felatio face
5) latent homo
6) cunt
7) cum-bucket