Wednesday, 5 June 2013

it's raining pizza and liquor

Thanks to the Drone Age having begun, and
because we have our priorities right, the
delivery industry will be first to use drones
for NOT killing you, except for the occasional
blocked artery.

Apparently there's a Dominoes ad showing
a drone delivery of pizza.

Here's a likely scenario, on traffic radio:
Scotty of Domino's: Houston, we've got a problem
Houston: what sort of problem?
Scotty: We ran into a Quicker Liquor drone
Houston: Sounds like a party. do you copy?

If I were an ingenious young fellow I would be waiting
for beer and pizza to start dropping out of the sky.
In order to protect the product, it will be encased in
some ridiculous package that will make it survive
a crash.

So, to the quick go the winnings. In fact, a jammer
that can steer drones away , would become a required
invention. Or a surface-to-pizza missile.

checkit: boing boing
drone pizza
Here's a video showing off a publicity stunt in which Domino's delivers one of its "pizzas" using a drone (and, it appears, two or three cameradrones to document the event). The "pizza" is packed in an electrified, heated bag to keep it warm during the high altitude flight. Their publicity material promises a Domino's flight academy to train their deliverator corps to safely navigate the fast-food-filled skies and prevent midair collisions with flying Chinese takeouts, kebabs, curries, and package liquor delivery.