Wednesday, 12 June 2013

cheating on your supermarket with other stores

It pays, thanks to digital technology. Store
loyalty cards (how loyal will they be if you lose
your job?) keep track of your purchases and
if it seems you're cheating with another supermarket,
they'll throw coupons at you.
Of course, don't fall for the 10 bucks off, for $60 of
purchases because you won't have money to cheat
with the other supermarket.

And as I've said before, try to avoid those big
international chains because they hoover money
off your main street and send it to the Caymans.

checkit:  The Guardian

How supermarkets get your data – and what they do with it
It doesn't matter if you are part of a loyalty scheme, pay by card or even cash, 'Big Brother' supermarkets know your every move
    Donna Ferguson
   Saturday 8 June 2013   
We all know supermarkets use information about our shopping habits to target us with personalised vouchers and offers – but how would you feel about sitting down to watch a movie and being confronted with adverts based on what was in your shopping trolley a few hours earlier?
Or what would you think about Tesco using its Clubcard database to check what you are eating, and possibly offering vouchers for salad and fruit if your basket is usually groaning with unhealthy items?...

In other words, "disloyal" customers tend to be offered the best incentives. So, if you want more love from your favourite supermarket, start shopping at its competitors.