Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Female envy re-education

I've written some posts about how women can improve
their confidence, like:

1 stop reading those F%^&8king magazines that
play with your confidence and then sell you Gucci

2 even porn stars need wallpaper paste to flatten
out their facial crevices

3 stop looking at famous women as role models or
as beauty queens. It's all bullshit.

Now, today's lesson is a bit of number three, with a twist.

Now, even though I'm a man and thus evil, I don't think
it's fair that women have to be either famous or beautiful,
and preferably both, to get on a tv show or movie. It just
seems that most execs are dirty, dateless bastards. that
being the case, they also use the best makeovers money
can buy to pimp their product; actresses.
Actresses-  women want to be them, men want to %^&& them

Think again

Thanks to modern photographic technology, you can see
how much shelac these birds have to roll on.
I've seen dozens of prettier women on the UK streets,
every day, with lots less makeup.

Now, these women below deserve their privacy, but I'm busy
proving a point, at the moment.
Comments beneath the photos:
 [closer to a vampire]
 [the real Madonna is just fine. the made-up one looks like a brothel owner]
 [Pink takes the piss out of her image, so she gets a free pass.
"I'm built like a truckstop waitress"]
 [I like her in "Sarah Marshall" for her acting and attitude, and big eyes, but Holy WTF!]
[the normal chick is fine. the one on the right looks like a cat-house employee]