Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Polanski on females, preferably underage

I know that actors and directors get more of a hearing
than lowly blog writers. I wonder why.

But, some of them are quaintly old-fashioned and
some are just misogynists or pedophiles.

Roman Polanski could be all three. He says that
women should not fight for equality. Firstly, it's too
late for that. While he was hiding in Europe,
emancipation happened.

Polanski thinks equality makes women behave more like
men, and that's less romantic. Actually, I generally
agree with him. I'd go even further and say that
women are even more cynical than men, these
days. I've also hated the beast I call "a man with tits".

Polanski is an old romantic, with his head in the
clouds, making make-believe all day, and I guess
he idealises women as madonnas or whore. But he
still hasn't yet apologised for what appears to
be a case of him getting a mother
to hand over her vastly underage daughter to him.
How romantic? NOT


Cannes 2013: Roman Polanski says fight for female equality is 'a great pity'
Director claims the pill has 'chased away the romance in our lives' as he brings new film Venus in Fur to Cannes
    Andrew Pulver    
    Saturday 25 May 2013 16.13 BST     
You might not suppose Roman Polanski and the 87-year-old Jerry Lewis had a great deal in common, but today the director followed Lewis' suggestion that broad comedy is inappropriate for women actors by complaining that aiming for female equality is "a great pity".
    Venus in Fur
    Production year: 2013
    Country: France
    Runtime: 90 mins
    Directors: Roman Polanski
    Cast: Emmanuelle Seigner, Mathieu Amalric
Speaking at the Cannes film festival of his latest film Venus in Fur, the 79-year-old Polanski said that "trying to level the genders is purely idiotic." "Offering flowers to a lady has become indecent … The pill has greatly changed the place of women in our times, masculinising her. It chases away the romance in our lives."
 [as long as it chases him away from their daughters- Cos67]