Thursday, 20 June 2013

Ginger Aid- why do reds get trashed in UK?

I think I'm going to start a charity from downtrodden
red-heads in the UK. They get such a hard time,
sometimes jokingly, but where there's smoke, there's
usually a red being harrassed.

It seems to me, if I can make an assumption or two, that
the ginger/heather person is very much a Celtic symbol
and thus is swept aside in Anglo-Saxon Britain.
Does that make sense?

Anyway, over in Canada, redheads are typically judged
on an individual basis, but I'm here to tell you that
some females are quite a sight with their fiery hair.
But, over there, they have a secret weapon.

The missing part of the puzzle is the secret to looking
attractive. You need to have some confidence. Just
enough to hold your chin up and look at people.
And so some very attractive redheads in the UK
that I've seen have all lacked confidence, and
I'm guessing it's because they've got pissed on so often,
or been told the same jokes since they were kids and are
kinda fed up, but not enough to get that new purple tint.

But, they're missing out. Perhaps they should move to
North America.

Although it ain't truly red hair, redheaded chicks
are like red to a bull, as far as I'm concerned.
I mean that in the "horny" sense,
and not the bloodsport sense.