Wednesday, 5 June 2013

an amusement park next to a sewage plant

That was one of the funniest lines in "Forgetting Sarah
Marshall" The religious newlyweds were having
fitment problems of a sexual nature and a few hangups
to deal with.
So the husband says something about oral sex,
"if god had built an amusement park,
he would not have put it next to a sewage plant."

Well, we're discovering that messing around down
there, in the land of pink and brown eyes,
though entertaining to watch on Youporn, can
get you a case of HPV, and maybe even cancer,
as Michael Douglas has just revealed about himself.

Of course we're all picturing him pleasuring the
finest looking actress on three continents, his wife,
the lucky F&^*&&king bastard.
[worth the risk. Diver down]

[diver down at 0:45 take a snorkel]

Anyway, this reminds me of another non-Shakesperean
play that mused upon the theme of ass-to-mouth.
Well, HPV should put a bit of a damper on that, but
Aids only slowed things for a decade or so. We're
hardy people, hardy horny hard-on people, apparently.


Randall "pink eye and brown eye"

According to Wikipedia, young girls are getting
a vaccination. So, soon, when they come on the
market, this new generation of
sex nuts and retard strong chicks will be
able plumb the depths, fearlessly.

This could be an anthropologically significant
moment, where post-vaccine people replace
pre-vaccine people because of their fearless
partying. Check that. that could raise
mortality in other ways. Back to the drawing

human papillomavirus
"Vaccines : HPV vaccine

Two vaccines are available to prevent infection by some HPV types: Gardasil, marketed by Merck, and Cervarix, marketed by GlaxoSmithKline. Both protect against initial infection with HPV types 16 and 18, which cause most of the HPV associated cancer cases. Gardasil also protects against HPV types 6 and 11, which cause 90% of genital warts.

The vaccines provide little benefit to women having already been infected with HPV types 16 and 18, which includes most sexually active females[citation needed]. For this reason, the vaccine is recommended primarily for those women not yet having been exposed to HPV during sex. The World Health Organization position paper on HPV vaccination clearly outlines appropriate, cost-effective strategies for using HPV vaccine in public sector programs.[73]

Both vaccines are delivered in three shots over six months. In most countries, they are approved only for female use, but are approved for male use in countries like USA and UK. The vaccine does not have any therapeutic effect on existing HPV infections or cervical lesions.[74] In 2010, 49% of teenage girls in the US got the HPV vaccine, while in comparison around two-thirds of teens received shots for meningitis and DPT vaccine.[75]"

Here's the lowdown on oral sex and cancer from the
Greek media which is interested in little else.
The medical words will seem familiar

Check this: from Yahoo Greece
What is the "cancer" of sex from which Michael Douglas fell ill
 - What are the symptomsYahoo! News - 2 hours 10 minutes ago.A type of cancer that few know is that in which doctors describe as' new cancer sex. "This term was used by experts to describe the throat cancer from which suffers American actor Michael Douglas, long before he decided to talk in detail about the disease and determine the manner in which contaminated the oral and pharyngeal cavity with with HPV or human papillomavirus.The famous actor according to statements by having the oncogene HPV 16, one of about 100 types of the virus as well and one of the two oncogenic types, the other is 38.It is worth noting that overall there are four dangerous type of virus HPV, the two aforementioned oncogenic and two others, the 6 and 11, which cause genital warts, the most common sexually transmitted disease that plagues their sexually active people in our time. The "cancerous" types are mainly associated with cancer of the uterine cervix in women and cancer of the mouth and throat in men.
And the mode of transmission is sex - including all forms of sexual contact. The aidoileixia and mentioned Michael Douglas as his own cause infection as fellatio, anal intercourse are "ideal" ways of easy transmission of the virus HPV.