Thursday, 20 June 2013

Desperate female magazine readers

this coming story, part of the women's- confidence -
trick series, will discuss how a certain type of
magazine traps women and slaps them across
the face, only for women to say
"thank you. can i have another"
When a celeb magazine or beauty mag tells
women that if they're not 36-24-36, they
should not wear a bikini, these women
fall victim to the bullshit. The first reason
is: they bought the damn magazine, so
somewhere inside, they want the abuse.

second reason: they react by saying
"I'll show you!"
"I'm gonna fit into that bikini"
and they go off in a huff, planning to work 
out 5 times a day, and eat leaves. But life
takes them over, and they forget, UNTIL
the next mag passes under their noses, whereupon
the battle ignites again.

When this gal, Hadley writes about it in the
Guardian, she misses a few angles. She says
that features about the "bikini diet" are indicative
of a "dearth of creativity" in the mag biz.
Nope, I think it's those mags making money
by intentionally abusing women, as Hadley says,
butt, in the way I described above.

Checkit: Guardian- Ask Hadley how to get a
bikini body