Sunday, 9 September 2012


when astroturfing meets Twitter.
Politically-motivated tweeting, or Twitter posing
is just the latest in a long line of online
faux-pas committed by corrupt politicians trying
to doctor their image.

For Astroturfing, the creation of a fake movement
for political purposes, i.e. the
Koch-sucking Tea baggers

The Conservatives of the UK, no slouches, 
because they went to the right schools,
are more than willing to add people in 
Upper Dogwana to their lists before those
victims have even learned how to do a twit-pic.

This Grant fellow, Conservatives media guy
 had manufactured 50 000 followers. Apparently, 
Obama has teams for creating many more. Grant's
family is so productive that his whole family's works
have been kicked off Google.

As luck would have it, the Internet has spawned watch-dog
groups who, between pints, watch the politicians. They'll
have to shut down the Internauts soon. I see David 
making a believable excuse.

chuckle away: guardian
The rise and fall of Grant Shapps' Twitter followers
Conservative chairman appears to have found technique to boost number of followers to more than 55,000
    Patrick Wintour, Friday 7 September 2012 21.28 BST
The ubiquitous and social media savvy new Conservative chairman Grant Shapps appears to have found a technique to boost his Twitter followers to more than 55,000.
It appears that Shapps, at regular intervals, increases the number of people he follows by as many as 5,000 and if they do not follow him back, he unfollows them.
Analysis of his activity on Twitter shows regular, sudden surges in the number of people he follows succeeded a week later by a sudden decline. The research was conducted by Yatterbox, a political marketing consultancy firm specialising in monitoring all social media activity of politicians.
Matt Freckleton, managing director of Yatterbox said: "Several people have brought this to our attention and it has already made some press headlines. After doing some research we were able to compile some graphs which suggest that Grant Shapps – or someone with access to Grant's Twitter account – is regularly and purposely following and unfollowing many thousands of people on Twitter. It is quite normal for anybody to unfollow people on Twitter, but when it is done in such large numbers on such a frequent basis it does raise questions as to what is going on and why."