Thursday, 6 September 2012

Face-Plant lag

The time it takes from somebody being accused of something
on national news and his whole life story being lifted off
Facebook and projected , with all warts included, to the
I hope that keeps some narcisists from friending everybody
and latching onto everybody. Probably not.

Be careful with external links. These newspaper people
could ask you to add their story
to your Facebook page.

chuckle away: Post Gazette of Pittsburgh

Suspect's Facebook page detailed her 'pregnancy'
August 24, 2012 3:21 pm

Kaitlynn Riely and Sadie Gurman / The Pittsburgh Press

On Monday, after Breona Moore posted a picture of the newborn baby she said was hers on her Facebook page, the notes of congratulations from her friends came first.

"Awe ... he's handsome ... like congrats boo!!!!," wrote one friend.

And then came requests for details about the birth.

Did she have a C-section? Was she feeling OK? What hospital was she in? When was she leaving? And what size was her baby?

The 19-year-old responded that she had a C-section, that she was in pain and that she was in Magee, referring to Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC in Oakland.

She posted that she would leave Thursday, around 11 a.m., and that she would bring the baby to a picnic in Mellon Park where she expected to see friends Saturday.

She wrote that her baby was "& lbs 22 ounces 19 inches," likely meaning to type 7 pounds.

On Thursday, after police arrested Ms. Moore and charged her with kidnapping 3-day-old Bryce Coleman as his mother and father were preparing to leave Magee, there are many more questions being posed to Ms. Moore, who was arraigned this morning after being arrested Downtown Thursday evening with Bryce, who was safe.

And on her Facebook page, even as they expressed shock to hear of Ms. Moore's arrest, her friends posted notes saying they were surprised she wasn't pregnant.

"I Went To School w. Her Yooo , And I Thought She Was Really Pregnant! Dats Wat She Was Tellin Everybody And It Looked Like It," a woman wrote on Ms. Moore's Facebook page Thursday.

Months ago, Ms. Moore started posting pictures and notes about her pregnancy on her Facebook page. In April, she posted an ultrasound photo and later posted a photograph showing herself, looking at her midsection, with writing on the photograph that said "Baby Boy!," "Na'vaiz," "09/14/2012" and "Hi Mommy."

In May, she posted a picture of herself holding a baby's shirt and posted more ultrasound photographs that she arranged in a collage with the words, "It's a Boy!" She also posted a photograph of herself in May, posing to show what she presented as her growing midsection and saying she had "4 more months to go!"

For the past 9 months, Saevon Josey, 19, believed he was the father of Ms. Moore's unborn child. He said today that Ms. Moore told him she was pregnant in December, that he took parenting classes, took her shopping for baby clothes and that she arranged a nursery.

On his Facebook page Monday, which is listed under the name Sour D'nardo Devinchi, he wrote "Welp today's the day my life changed an god blessed me with my son..Navaiz Nasir Josey welcome."....

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