Thursday, 6 September 2012

four war more years- d

Slogan: forward --> four war more years -democrats

[Illinois Nazis- Rahm the Leb & Milton the Mooch, and the boys]

In this day of super packs buying elections, like people
bet on horses (two horse races, that is). It's nice
to see that the s.h.i.t.t. packs, like weRchange 
are so mobile and creative (below).
If Prez Barry wants four more years for warfare, then
he's gotta be better than Romney.
[Luke Rudkowski and young chick. we are change]

"just got paid today, got me a pocket full of change"

"Democracy destroys itself because it abuses its right to freedom and equality. Because it teaches its citizens to consider audacity as a right, lawlessness as a freedom, abrasive speech as equality, and anarchy as progress."
— Isocrates

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