Tuesday, 11 September 2012

cross polination between sex museums

Dateline 2008, Moscow Biology Museum:

A sex act, or series thereof, as performance art and political
protest, by Voina, the protest group which spawned the
Pussy Riot.

Dateline 2012, Ottawa Museum of Science and Technology

Display on human sexuality, including advice on how
to masturbate, with photographic assistance.

Are they related?

Well, while sex is eminently watchable, especially if it
is practiced by fine female examples of the species,
it is not if practiced by the bushpigs of Voina.
[Voina. look away!]

While sex can be honestly presented as a realistic
biological display, in a Biology Museum,
wanking could in no way be considered to be
 a science, no more than could Economics.

The proof:
Sorry, I don't seem to have it ...to hand.
AAaAhahahahaAHhHAahahaha   ahha Hhaaaahhha ahAHahh

from the Moscow bureau:
and from its cold-war enemy, Ottawa: