Monday, 10 September 2012

Clint whistling past the barstool

"you want I should push up your stool, .......punk!"
One of Clint Eastwood's favourite lines. He has
mellowed since then.

I'm sorry for the Alzheimer comments that everyone
is throwing at Clint's drama school stunt at the RNC Con.
It's the Clint method. Effortless.

In truth he was just promoting his furniture business.
It has fine wooden pieces in a traditional motif.

[Ohio stool]

There's the barstool for bar fights like in his
spaghetti westerns. A Fist Full of Cazzo. Stronzos at Dawn.

[rights in jpeg file]

[Mission bed, for men on a mission. missionary position recommended.
mission accomplished button on the top of headboard.]
An elegant Bridges of Madison County headerboard and footer
 bed for bagging drama queens like Meryl Streep.

a Celebrity Orangutan bed