Thursday, 6 September 2012

I knew Ottawa was a gov town, but 6000 rimjobbers?

How to move up in the government. Be a rim-jobber.
Alas , the RIM company is no more what it once was.
There's IT in Ottawa, like Adobe, but in the phone business,
if you sleep for a second, you lose.
For a time, all business types had one of those. Now, they
can't give them away in Europe.
Spectacular failure.
They should have sold the moment they realised they
were gonna get swamped. What's an extra billion, anyway.
If I understood right, the originators got 10 billion
instead of the 40 that they could have had, when they
sold this year, to some Koreans.
I can't find the right story on their trajectory,
but according to  marketwatch, their
52-week high was 
and they are now at 7.27, 
near their 52-week low of
CORRECTION. found the chart for the last DECADE.
you investors out there are gonna SCREAM when you see the high.
150 currency units
in 2008. now it's 7 and change.
That, my fans, is what we call a roller coaster.