Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dead Kennedys ex vox forms third party

It seems like every American is sick of the the two-party
tango and yet nobody (and I follow all the anarcho-this&thats)
is interested in even looking at any other party.
It's like there's a gay fatwa on them; a Gatwa. i.e. If you vote
for another party, you're gay. That's enough to stop traffic,
in the US.
So, allow me to start a political rumour based on
one poster.

I've always thought that the Dead Kennedys were
a tip  of the hat to political assassinations,
and to rowdy punk.

Anyway, Jello Biafra, lead singer, seems to
have been influenced by the Obama hope-ium
campaign, and has thought about spreading
evil and cynicism across the US:

Believe the hype, huhh-ha.