Saturday, 1 September 2012

bad art draws tourists

You can believe it. All you have to do is take
a good work of art and give it to some imbecile
to "touch up", and instant fame is upon you.

This happened in Borja, Spain where the church
in town had a fresco of Jesus that's a hundred
years old. And it has been made into
"a hairy ape in a cape"

in the past , it took a whole movie crew to stitch
 up a scene like that for "whistler's mother".

I'm sure the nice old lady in Borja, Mrs Jimenez has not seen
that movie. "author-author!"

The town is not upset, however, because it has
increased tourism in these tough times.

the arty bug is spreading to the Louvre. Mona Lisa is getting
a make-over with a bad batch of botox: