Thursday, 30 May 2013

the queen whammy is wearing off

UPDATE: there she is, at Woolwich. what an opportunity. just in time for photo spreads in the Saturday Daily Mail
UPDATE: BREAKING NEWS Oh, Philip is sick
UPDATE: there she is, at the BBC
UPDATE: there's the grand-daughter in law christening a boat
UPDATE: It's her last show before we get inundated with
                 royal baby photos

[scary people in castles]

Someone is worried about the reign that never ends.
I can see how hard the powers in the UK are trying
to keep the queen in front of the eyes of the dozzy
tv masses.
I don't mean her offspring, not even the half naked
ones. I've written about them already.

It just seems like two things I saw this week smacked
of grand manipulation.

1 giving away coins with the Queen's likeness for
the jubilee (I thought that was last year?)

2 a show which I immediately forgot, about the
queen's history. ya. another one of those. I forgot it
because it came across like mind-control and
my mind shut it out. It's only upon reflection
that I thought
"that's it. It's mind control!"
That's how she stays ahead of the teeming masses.
Using the tv as a hypnotisation device. Not the 
first person to do it. That David Copperfeld scam
did it many times. I think that's why the TV license
is taken for granted, while I've never paid.
Youtube has no shortage of hypno videos. I'm afraid
to click, so help yourselves.

The problem is, is that people are practically in a meditative
state in front of the goggle box, after a tough day of 
treading water, economically. One beer and they're 
reading for indoctrination.

It's just the royal charade is rather morbid. It's
this close to a musical revival of Transylvania.